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As a creative lead, my goal is to help teams THINK BIG when it comes to developing and sharing compelling stories with the world. I love collaborating with like-minded creatives who strive to create meaningful multi-platform content that change the world, one story at a time. What drives me? Working on projects that are groundbreaking and transformational. 


My modus operandi? I'm a disruptive thinker with 15 years of experience building award-winning projects from the ground up. I connect the dots and see patterns where others cannot. I don't dwell inside comfort zones. I challenge the status quo. I ask "What If" and "Why Not?" 


I champion diverse and underrepresented voices to take back their stories, own their voices, and embrace their truth. Stories in which they see themselves. Through the power of storytelling, I hope to inspire and empower the next generation to share their stories from their unique perspectives. 

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